Aqua One Tanks

Aqua One tanks are truly the leaders in the aquatics and aquarium keeping world. With tanks suited to beginners all the way through to advanced fish keepers, Aqua One take advantage of the best in modern technology including features like 3 stage top filters, energy efficient LED lighting units, or hinged hoods.

Further, the lighting systems on many of the Aqua One tanks, such as the AquaStyle allow incredible control over your aquarium lighting, making it ideal for a wide range of fish and aquatic plant species. Many Aqua One tanks come with their own cabinet range providing a strong and stylish design, with excellent storage space for your aquarium essentials.

Whether you are a beginner, setting up your first aquarium for your new fish or an advanced aquarist setting up a larger tank for your established collection, Aqua One has what you need. As a result, their tanks are suited to all types of fish from freshwater to tropical and even marine fish. Enjoy a stunning aquascape with your half moon betta or a tranquil marine setting for your coral and live rock growth.

Aqua One stands by the belief that an aquarium should be more than just a glass bowl, allowing fish to have more natural existence. And this is reflected in their stunning tanks that also look stunning with any interior design. Explore the options below!

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