Welcome to Melbourne’s unique aquarium shop!

The Aquarium Factory, our unique Melbourne aquarium shop, has a team of dedicated staff with a combined experience of more than 50 years that will be delighted to help you. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge on turtles and aquariums.

We can offer the customer anything from a small fish bowl to a customized tank as large as you desire.

With thousands of cold water, marines, natives fish and plants you wont be leaving empty handed.

Our Showroom

We have a MASSIVE SHOWROOM OF QUALITY AQUARIUMS, cabinets and accessories to choose from. Plus the helpful and experienced staff you, will have all the resources and knowledge at your disposal to assemble a magnificent display.

melbourne aquarium shop

Being such a large aquarium outlet we can offer fish from all over the world. Start browsing our range of items!

Product Range

Our Melbourne aquarium shop provides fish tanks, filters, spare parts, live fish, and more. We can even help you with custom solutions; to help bring your dream aquarium to life.

We stock a large range of different brands from Eheim, Aqua One, Red Sea, Aquatopia, Tropical, Fish Fuel Co, API & Hikari only to name a few. Stocking a complete range of aquarium heaters, aquarium lights, live aquatic plants, gravel, ornaments, rocks, sumps, pond pumps and supplies, filters, water conditioners, plastic plants and more.

The Aquarium Factory also provides onsite pond and aquarium maintenance and we take pride in maintaining our customers tanks with due diligence and care.

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