Filters, Air Pumps, Aquarium Water Pumps & Powerheads

Getting the right type of filter and aquarium water pumps is vital to keeping your fish healthy and happy. That is why our team have all the necessary knowledge to advise you on the correct filters, pumps, and general tank maintenance.

Let’s look at the different types of equipment within this category:



The Fish Tank Filter filters the water in the tank. The filter removes impurities in the water with the aid of various materials including sponge, carbon & ceramic media. Different aquariums require different types of filters. With a large range of different filters, we will help you find the right filter for your tank.

Air Pumps

External Air Pumps oxygenate the water inside your tank. This type of pump sits outside of the tank with only the tubes submerged in the water.  A team member will be happy to help you select the correct air pump if required.

Water Pumps & Powerheads

Aquarium water pumps and powerheads perform several functions within an aquarium. Firstly, water pumps power your filtration system. Secondly, they provide water movement within your aquarium. Thirdly, they assist with oxygenation. In addition to this, water pumps can also be used to power other devices in your tank.

Unlike air pumps, water pumps and powerheads contain sealed motors which allow them to be submerged in the water. Ultimately, the more your tank water is circulated and filtered, the better the water quality and flow rate will be in your aquarium.

The team at The Aquarium Factory can help you select the correct type of filter and pumps for your fish tank based on your needs. Finally, we will use our extensive knowledge to optimise the conditions inside your aquarium.

If you are looking for advice on a custom pump please contact us and we will get back to you promptly with a quote.