Custom Aquariums Melbourne

custom aquarium installation in wall

The Aquarium Factory manufactures and installs custom aquariums and ponds. Our experienced team can create, install and provide maintenance to your custom aquarium. This way you are sure everything will

run smoothly. Whether you need a residential or commercial installation, we can create the right display for your needs!

Custom Aquariums Melbourne

Our team has extensive experience in custom aquarium installation to suit your specific needs. We take pride in our ability to make your custom aquarium journey exciting and stress free. Our team focuses on what the client wants for their fish and their living space.

Our custom aquariums and installations also include inbuilt and external aquariums, large and small pond shells, and water features. No matter what you envision, we have the knowledge and ability to create your dream aquarium set up!

Fresh and Saltwater Custom Aquariums Melbourne

Whether you are looking for a stunning freshwater tank or a beautiful saltwater tank, we can help you create your dream ecosystem. We also stock a wide variety of beautiful salt and freshwater fish to suit your dream designer aquariums and your fish keeping experience.

custom aquarium installation corner wall examplesThe Aquarium Factory can help you create a stunning reef or aquascape that will suit your custom tank as well as help your help your fish thrive.

Exotic and Rare Fish for Custom Aquariums

The Aquarium Factory also stocks a stunning array of exotic and rare fish to make your custom aquarium perfect. Whether you need advice on the perfect fish, or you already have fish in mind, we can work with you to create a luxury aquarium designs that match your dream installation and support your chosen fish.

The team at The Aquarium Factory work closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of their dream aquarium is perfect. We also make recommendations and suggest enhancements throughout the process, our focus is on making your dream come to life!

Contact us today to take advantage of our unsurpassed reputation for high quality work, stunning aquariums and happy customers.

You should also keep an eye out for our Blog and our Facebook page as we often put pictures up of our various custom and specialty jobs. You will be amazed at the different fish tank designs we create for our customers. Explore our gallery below for further examples of our custom aquarium work throughout Melbourne!

custom aquarium installation in tvs and cabinets

Read more about the antique television converted into an aquarium.