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Our custom aquariums can provide numerous benefits beyond just being an eye-catching addition to a room. One of the most significant advantages of our custom aquariums is their unique design, which can be tailored to fit any space or style. Custom aquariums require low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for busy individuals who don’t have time for daily upkeep. Additionally, aquariums have been shown to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any space.
Unique Designs
Low Maintenance
Calming Atmosphere

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The Aquarium Factory manufactures and installs custom aquariums and ponds. Our experienced team can create, install and provide maintenance to your custom aquarium. This way you are sure everything will run smoothly.

Whether you need a residential or commercial installation, we can create the right display for your needs!

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The Aquarium Factory manufactures and installs custom aquariums and ponds. Our experienced team can create, install and provide maintenance to your custom aquarium. This way you are sure everything will run smoothly. Whether you need a residential or commercial installation, we can create the right display for your needs!

Exotic and Rare Fish

The Aquarium Factory also stocks a stunning array of exotic and rare fish such as Catfish, Cichilids and colorful Betta. Whether you need advice on the perfect fish, or you already have fish in mind, we can work with you to create a luxury aquarium design that matches your dream installation and supports your chosen fish.

Fresh and Saltwater Setups

Whether you are looking for a stunning freshwater tank or a beautiful saltwater tank, we can help you create your dream ecosystem. We also stock a wide variety of beautiful salt and freshwater fish to suit your dream designer aquariums and your fish keeping experience.

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Xenia BoutchardXenia Boutchard ★★★★★ Great store for aquariums situated in an unexpected but well connected industrial area. Bought a tap water conditioner and it had such a good selection.Nathan RustNathan Rust ★★★★★ Very impressed with Matt and Josh’s service at the Aquarium and love the quality of my new fish tank! 10/10 would recommend these boys!Walruus MCWalruus MC ★★★★★ New customer but becoming a loyal customer very quickly.Refreshingly honest about what products and accessories would suit my needs.Always happy to give advice or very well trained customer service and care, either way they have so far excelled in this area for myself and others seen making purchases.Young team full of knowledge and an obvious passion for their livestock.BTW worth stopping by just to see the turtles and amazballs massive fish at the rear of the shop.Cheers,A thoroughly impressed customerErin FonoErin Fono ★★★★★ Lots of healthy fish to choose from.. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Lots of variety of tanks to choose from. High recommendDavid LockwoodDavid Lockwood ★★★★★ Helpful and friendly service with competitive prices 👍 They were able to hook me up with a new tank, cabinet and CO2 systemJo SchaecheJo Schaeche ★★★★★ Josh has gone above and beyond to assist us in getting my sons new tank water just right. Exceptional knowledge snd service!Aussie Dude78Aussie Dude78 ★★★★★ Fantastic company to get your aquarium needs from live plants to live fish and everything inside your tank you can think of, Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, Cannot fault their customer service A+ and it was a pleasure shopping in your store, My turtles are going to love their new tank!Thank youRobert EllisRobert Ellis ★★★★★ Helpfuf and knowledgeable about there products. We continually go back :-) I keep going back. And back again.Melissa AllenMelissa Allen ★★★★★ Great customer service, staff seem to know what they're talking about and a great range of supplies (not too expensive compared to some other aquariums)JasperJasper ★★★★★ I'm new to fishkeeping, and was looking for an aqaurium store to be my go to place. In the past when I've gone to regular pet stores, I've often seen sickly or even dead fish sitting in their tanks, and encounter staff with no knowledge about fishkeeping.However, my experience at The Aqaurium Factory has been wonderful. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and are also very knowledgeable. They'll also be honest if a certain area is out of their scope of knowledge, which is honestly refreshing and is something that I value as a customer. I've also been very happy with the selection of fish, food and equipment they've had to offer.Definitely has become my main go to!Elena StilesElena Stiles ★★★★★ Great choice of healthy fish, quality aquarium products. The owner is very helpful and supportive. Good shop to visit if you are interested in aquascaping.We got some quality rainbow fish.Highly recommended.Joe GormanJoe Gorman ★★★★★ Got all your aquarium needs without ridiculous pricing.....Pics÷... Amazing tank with fish at back of shop. (not for sale)Xue YangXue Yang ★★★★★ Top class service and value for money with fishes and their aquariums.We have arrived back three times since upgrading our fish tank and that was since six days ago from this post.One advice... for goodness sake never rest on those laurels as this often leads to apathy which the credibility ends.Ron WebsterRon Webster ★★★★★ As i found it: Excellent shop every thing you need from starter kits to very large tanks lights filter food you need it they have it. Very helpful and friendly staff 😁Andrew RoweAndrew Rowe ★★★★★ Hidden up Mountain Hwy good variety of all fish supplies, and good prices too, happy friendly staff.Jules NixonJules Nixon ★★★★★ Highly Recommended- the young man working today was friendly and really helpful.Great greeting when you walk in the door and nothing was an issue!Really glad I visited you as it was a long way from home for me.Worth visiting here just to check out the super cool aquarium they have!Thank you again - one very happy customer!VinceHomeMadeVinceHomeMade ★★★★★ Great for our fishes as they know their products and what we need better than I do.Plus check out the BIG tankEdward StephenEdward Stephen ★★★★★ Good range of products and tanks in store. Staff are always friendly and try to help. Generally the staff are pretty attentive. Lots of stuff to browse and a couple of pretty cool display aquariums. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been.Steve AmiesSteve Amies ★★★★★ Yet to receive my fish tank, but the staff are great, very competitive prices, very pleasant store, will be backDavidDavid ★★★★★ Allways willing to help with needs and they have a great range of fish and often have tissue culture and live plants available. Most common types of stone and wood are also available in small quantities.js_loader