Aquarium Lighting

For many tanks, aquarium lighting is a must. Whether your fish require lighting or your life plants, or both, The Aquarium Factory has lighting for every aquatic environment. No matter your lighting needs, we have the right products for you!

Sunlight Lamps

Need to recreate the natural light spectrum? Sunlight lamps emit a refreshing natural light and help aquatic plants, thrive. Further, they are perfect for making your fish appear more vivid and attractive in a natural way.

Marine Lighting

Perfect for realistically representing reef life, marine lighting creates the best environment and conditions for corals and invertebrates to thrive. This energy efficient lighting enhances both fish colouring and coral growth. It also supports beneficial photosynthesis and pigmentation.

Tropical Lamps

Looking for energy efficient lighting solutions for your tropical tanks? We have a range of high-quality lights to enhance the colours of your fish and ornaments.

Live Plant Lighting

Designed to provide aquatic plants with a real lighting spectrum, our plant lamps are perfect for encouraging thick foliage and fast growth. With red and blue light spectrums, they are essential for tall, healthy aquatic plants.

Coral Lighting

Corals are some of the most additions to tropical and marine aquariums. Coral lamps allow for flexibility in the overall light spectrum by using different combinations of tubes to achieve the look and lighting needs you require. Never again will you need to sacrifice capacity for power! Our lighting options allow you to fine tune colour spectrums for the best reef benefits.

Need a flexible option? Our lights come in a wide range of attachment options to best suit your set up and aquascape.

With an extensive range of LED’s, T5 & T8 lights, we have the ideal light for your corals, plants and more!

The Aquarium Factory also stocks heat lamps for reptiles.

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