Aquarium Thermometers

Aquarium Thermometers are essential for keeping your fish, live plants and corals, happy and health in your tank. Almost all fish and plants, and all coral, require specific temperatures to remain in peak health in the wild. We can use aquarium thermometers to replicate the natural environment for our fish to ensure a long, healthy, and happy life. As a result, this small device is essential for most tanks and fish owners.

The Aquarium Factory stocks a wide range of thermometers from the best brands in Australia and around the world. Many of our thermometers also allow you to check the temperature inside the tank with precise accuracy, without needing to remove the thermometer or placing your hands in the tank, potentially contaminating the tank.

A Quality Thermometer is Essential for Optimal Conditions

A good thermometer should be easy to read and lack mercury, which could harm your aquatic animals. The Aquarium Factory stocks glass and adhesive aquarium thermometers, which conveniently stick to the outside of your tank. We also have digital options, which provide a continuous reading of your aquarium’s temperature.

In any situation, it’s important to have the right thermometer for the needs of your unique tank. Warm temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C are just right for most tropical fish. This is really important because these types of fish will not be able to survive without the right water temperature.

Temperature Control and Measurement is Paramount for any Fish Tank

If you are looking for something specific, or need help choosing an aquarium thermometer, speak to one of our friendly, expert team members today. We can help you find the perfect tank to suit your needs, the needs of the tank, and your fish!

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