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Fish tanks and aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, and materials. With our range, we are certain to provide something that meets your requirements. Aquarium Factory can even create a custom tank of any size to meet your needs.

Looking to customise your own tank? Aquarium Factory has stunning, raw pine aquariums that will suit your needs while providing a stunning home for your fish.


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Our aquariums come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles. We have a large range of “traditional” style, curved front tanks with built in lights and filter systems. Our Petworx tanks give a beautiful, clean-lined look and are fantastic especially for smaller fish and bettas.

And for those looking for an ultra-modern look for their home, office, or home office, we have a stunning range of Red Sea tanks. These are second to none, with everything the modern and saltwater fish keeper could want.

We also carry Aqua One tanks that are ideal for new and experienced fish owners alike. These aquariums are easy to set up and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and the type of fish you keep.

As well as the best aquariums on the market, we also carry a wide range of accessories for fish tanks, including heaters, lights, live plants, conditioners, medications, ornaments, gravel, driftwood, pumps, sumps and more. No matter if you keep freshwater or saltwater fish, Aquarium Factory has you covered with the right accessories for your needs.

The Aquarium Factory has a large showroom with a massive range of fish tanks and aquariums. From Aqua One, Petworx to Red Sea. Explore the range below or come down and see our team in store. We are competitive with our pricing and we are sure we will always have something to suit your requirements!

The Aquarium Factory also builds custom tanks to match your exact requests. Contact us now for a quote on your ideal tank!

Fish tanks are simple to maintain and keep. They are also colourful and feature pretty decorations for your house. When you want to have your own aquarium, you should learn how to set up the aquarium properly and also how to choose fish that are suitable for it. A great way is to talk to our staff. If you already have an aquarium at home but you feel that your fish are not happy living there, then you must learn how to change their environment so that they will be able to live there comfortably. Moreover, you can also adjust the water chemistry and temperature of the fish tank so that it will be suitable for different kinds of fish.

Fish Tanks and Aquariums can improve the environment of the fish and your home

Aside from giving your fish a comfortable environment, fish tanks also come with several other healing and soothing effects so that they will be beneficial for both fish and owners. Fish that are inhabiting the tank need to be given oxygen so that they will have a stress free life. Stress is very dangerous for fish since it will cause them to die even before they mature. So, you should give your fish their special space where they will feel comfortable.

Fish Tank design can relax and destress both the fish and the owner

Aside from the fish tanks having a relaxing effect on the fish and the owners as well, it can lower the blood pressure and the heart rate of the person keeping it. The blood pressure and the heart rate of people suffering from stress can cause stroke and heart attack, which is very dangerous to the owners. So, this is why it is really necessary to take good care of the aquarium in order to give it the best and safest atmosphere for the fish and yourself. This will eventually lead to a happier and healthier owner and fish.