Fish Tank Filters

Fish tank filters are an essential part of any aquarium. They remove physical waste products and soluble chemical waste from the water. As a result, having the right type of filter is vital to the health of your fish.


There are several different types of fish tank filters available on the market. These include air filters, internal filters, and those with specific designs to suit larger aquariums. Further, many of the top-selling filters are quite inexpensive and will suit most home aquariums. This ensures your fish get the best without breaking the bank.

The Aquarium Factory stocks some of the best top-selling brands of filters. As a result, our team can help recommend the right filter for your needs. Some of the filters that we stock include:

Aqua One Air Filter

Aqua One is a leading name in aquarium equipment. They are easy to assemble and simple to maintain. You can also use Aqua One Air Filters with baby fish of any size.

Aqua One Mini Internal Fish Tank Filters

The Aqua One Mini Internal Filter range offers an effective biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration solution specially designed for compact aquariums. Additionally, the Aqua One Mini Internal Filter range is fully submersible and features silent operation.

Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter

The Maxi range of Internal Filters offers proven reliability and silent running. They are also completely submersible with a sealed motor. In addition to this, they are economical to run and contain high-quality foam as media.

Eheim Pick Up Internal Fish Tank Filters

The special thing about the Eheim Pick Up Internal Filter is that you can pick up the filter canister and cartridge from above while the pump unit remains in the tank. This is a very practical solution for cleaning or changing the filter cartridge.

Petworx Internal Filter

Pet Worx Internal Filters can be fully submerged in your tank and include spray bars which help disperse the water evenly.

Looking for the right tank for your aquarium? Are you replacing or upgrading an old system, or starting a brand-new tank? Explore our range today or contact the helpful team at the Aquarium Factory, today, for helpful advice!

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