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There are several different types of aquarium filters available on the market. These include internal filters, air filters, and many are designed specifically to suit larger tanks. Also, many of the best-selling filters are very affordable and can suit most home aquariums. This enables your marine life to get a great environment without outlaying too much money.

The Aquarium Factory stocks some of the best top-selling brands of filters. As a result, our team can help recommend the right filter for your needs. Some of the filters that we stock include:

Aqua One Air Filter

Aqua One is a prominent brand regarding aquarium equipment. They are simple to construct and low maintenance. You can also use Aqua One Air Filters with baby fish regardless of size.

aqua one air filter - aquarium air fish tank filters

Aqua One Mini Internal Filters

The Aqua One Mini Internal Filter product provides an effective chemical, biological and mechanical filtration system designed for aquariums that are on the smaller side. Also, the Aqua One Mini Internal Filter product is completely submersible and includes silent operation.

aqua one mini internal air fish tank filter

Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter

The Maxi range of Internal Filters delivers silent running and proven reliability. They are fully submersible and the motor is completely sealed,  are cost-effective to run and entail high-quality foam.

aquarium one maxi filter

Eheim Pick Up Internal Fish Tank Filters

The great thing about the Eheim Pick Up Internal Filter is the canister filter design so both the canister and cartridge can be accessed from above while the pump unit is still in the aquarium. This is great for changing the filter cartridge or cleaning.

eheim pick up aquarium filter

Petworx Internal Filter

Pet Worx Internal Filters are able to be fully submerged in your aquarium and have spray bars which are designed to spread water evenly.

petworx internal filter for aquariums

Common Types of Fish Tank Filters include:

Looking for the correct fish tank filter for your aquarium? Are you upgrading or replacing an outdated system, or considering a brand new tank? Fish filtration is essential to the health of your fish and all too often the stock filter needs upgrading, so take a look at our full range today or contact the helpful team at the Aquarium Factory,  for great advice!