With combined experience of well over 50 years we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge on Turtles and Aquariums.  We are a large Aquarium shop and we are so passionate about aquariums that we try to be your one stop shop!

Being one of Melbourne’s largest Aquarium retail shops we have a large showroom with a massive range of aquarium’s. We endeavor to provide each customer with the aquarium they can envision to reality.  We want each tank to be the one of a kind set up you always dreamed about.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best products on the market and ensure that each customer is satisfied with their experience at The Aquarium Factory.

We have hundred of different species of fish ranging from Goldfish, Cichlids, Natives and Marines. Whether your looking for a basic Goldfish, Tropical fish or something rare you will be amazed by the range of fish species we have in store. With a weekly fish order being delivered we are constantly updating our range of fish species.

We stock a large range of different brands from Eheim, Aqua One, Red Sea, Aquatopia, Tropical, Fish Fuel Co, API & Hikari only to name a few. Stocking a complete range of aquarium heaters, aquarium lights, live aquatic plants, gravel, ornaments, rocks, sumps, pond pumps and supplies, filters, water conditioners, plastic plants and more.

With our large range of stockists this allows us to provide our customers with a massive range of options and this is why we are able to recreate your perfect idea of an aquarium.

The Aquarium Factory also provides onsite pond and aquarium maintenance and we take pride in maintaining our customers tanks with due diligence and care.

With huge display tanks you wont be disappointed with your visit to The Aquarium Factory so come down and have a look and you will be blown away by whats in-store.