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Ponds are a wonderful way to enjoy fish in their natural habitat. And a well-kept pond adds a special touch to an outdoor area, forming an interesting and exciting centrepiece. But just like an indoor aquarium, a pond needs care, cleaning, and maintenance. Proper care and maintenance not only ensures your pond remains a treasured feature of your garden, but also a safe environment for your fish.

Whether you have a troublesome pump or an unexpected algae bloom you just can’t handle, The Aquarium Factory offers professional pond maintenance services. Let us help you enjoy your pond’s features to their fullest.

What Makes a Healthy Pond?

A well-maintained pond will generally include healthy fish, clear water, thriving plants, and minimal algae. Effective pond maintenance is an essential part of keeping your pond looking its best all year round. Just like aquarium fish, pond fish need the right environment and water parameters to thrive. As a result, the Aquarium Factory’s skilled staff offer leading maintenance services.

What Does Our Pond Maintenance Include?

As part of The Aquarium Factory pond maintenance service we will:

  • Drain the pond
  • High-pressure wash the pond
  • Remove algae
  • Clean your filter and change the filter pad if required
  • Inspect and test the pump
  • Refill the pond
  • Test and adjust the water parameters (making it safe for fish)

The Aquarium Factory team provides expert care for commercial and residential ponds. Most importantly, as every pond is unique, we will develop a regular scheduled pond maintenance service to suit the specific needs of your pond.

In addition to this, if your pond has been neglected, we will bring it back to its former glory. Further, if you have a leak in your pond, we will repair it. Ultimately, we aim to provide all the help you require to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your pond.

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The team at the Aquarium Factory have years of experience in fish care and pond maintenance. Contact us today if your pond needs some tender love and care.