Aquarium Heaters

Many fish require heating in order to thrive in your aquarium. Maintaining correct water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping fish happy and healthy, especially for tropical aquariums and several species of freshwater fish, therefore if you have these varieties of fish aquarium heaters are of extreme importance.

The Aquarium Factory has a wide range of tank and aquarium heaters, so you can maintain the correct temperature for your fish. Precise and durable, you will find the right heater for your needs.

Safety is paramount when it comes to you and your fish. Our range of tank heaters are durable, shatter resistant and corrosion resistant, to ensure the utmost safety on your fishkeeping journey. They also provide thermal cut out protection to safeguard you, your fish, and your heater from damage in the case of water shortage.

Revolutionary Aquarium Heaters

Obvious ideas are often the best ones. In this case, the aquarium heater rod. It is simply hung in the water to provide the perfect heating option. Adjustable heater options and ultra-modern electronic thermal devices meet specialised laboratory glass. This increases the heating surface, serving as a heat shield and ensuring optimum heating.

The Aquarium Factory’s range of heating options also include heater protectors, to protect your glass heaters and increase their lifetime

With over 50 years of combined experience, our friendly, expert team can help you pick the right equipment for your aquatic friends. We have the perfect heating options for your fish, plants and corals. Keep your aquarium happy and healthy with our help, today.  Temperature control and selecting a quality thermometer is also something that needs to be considered.

Heated fish tanks are essential for many varieties of fish

Browse our premium collection aquarium heaters, below. The right heater will ensure you keep optimum tank temperature all year round. The Aquarium Factory have a range of heaters to suit many kinds of tank sizes and types of fish. Explore our range below or contact our helpful team today for all your aquarium needs and expert advice!

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