Aqua One AquaStyle Carbon Cartridge 1C 2pk


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Aqua One Carbon Cartridge 1C – 2 Pack (#25001C)

Designed for:

  • Aqua One AquaStyle 126 aquarium / AR 126
  • AquaMode 600 Aquarium
  • Aqua One AquaStyle 380 aquarium / AR 380
  • Arc 16 / Arc 30 / Arc 46
  • Focus 25 / Focus 36
  • Lifestyle 21 / Lifestyle 29
  • AquaNano 30 / AquaNano 40

The Aqua One Carbon Cartridge 1C – 2Pack includes:

  • Carbon and wool cartridge
  • Easy to install
  • Replace every 6-8 weeks
  • 2 cartridges per pack

Aqua One Spare Part Number – 25001C


The Aqua One AquaStyle Carbon Cartridge 1C is a disposable filter cartridge designed for use in the Aqua one AquaStyle AR 380 and Aqua One AquaMode 600 aquariums. Ideally the cartridges should be removed and discarded when they have become blocked with fish waste and debris which is usually within 4-6 weeks.

The polymer wool layer of the cartridge traps debris while the activated carbon removes odours and clarifies the tank water. Aqua One have proven time and again to be one of the best brands for filtration, especially for small aquariums. Further, the innovative AquaStyle Carbon Cartridge 1C shows how Aqua One provides support for small aquariums which are often the most difficult to balance and maintain.

Aqua One Innovation

Further the surface area of the AquaStyle Carbon Cartridge 1C is large, covered in a fine polymer fibre that is excellent at trapping solid waste. The clear water travels over activated charcoal granules where colourants, acids and odours are removed from the water. This leaves your aquarium water in the perfect condition for biological filtration. Finally, these cartridges are also designed to spread our and even water flow so that the full filtration media is used, rather than only a small portion as is seen in other filtration solutions. This means less aquarium maintenance for you and a better water environment for your fish.

Filter Changes

It is recommended that you change your cartridges every four weeks for heavily stocked tanks and every six weeks for lighter stocked tanks. If you are looking for hassle-free, low maintenance filter solutions for your tank, look no further than the Aqua One AquaStyle Carbon Cartridge 1C 2 Pack.