Aqua One AquaReef 290 Marine Set 290L (Black)

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Aqua One AquaReef 290 Marine Set 290L is a highly sophisticated marine system from the team at AquaOne. The experts at AquaOne have rigorously designed and tested this latest edition to the Aqua One family, ensuring your marine setup runs efficiently and also providing you with exceptional water quality!


  • Low iron white glass tank
  • Fully built cabinet available in black ONLY
  • High power LED lighting
  • Inbuilt filtration system
  • Refugium section
  • Replaceable filter sock
  • Replaceable protein skimmer


  • Tank dimensions: 80L x 60D x 60 + 80H
  • Tank volume: 290 L
  • Lighting: 59148 – LED Reflector ReefGlo 90, 15V DC/144W, 96cm with blue twin cable

Replacement Parts/Media:

  • 25122I – Impeller – EliteSkim 600 122i
  • 25018I – Impeller Set – 4900 Series 18i
  • 50103 – Replacement Sock Single Pack


Add a gorgeous Aqua One AquaReef 290 Marine Set 290L to your home or office décor. This carefully designed tank utilises an inbuilt filtration system to hide unsightly piping from the outside of the tank with black vinyl laminate cover to enhance tank depth. The overflow also features a cover in black acrylic, with a lasered overflow grill. The filtration system further features a replaceable sock and protein skimmer.

Further, the Aqua One AquaReef 290 Marine Set 290L provides the necessary space for a chiller which can be added to the system without the need for extra pumps. Simply divert the flow from the return pump which is within the rated range for a correctly sized chiller.

The tank itself features the highest quality, low iron white glass. As a result, your Aqua One AquaReef 290 Marine Set 290L aquarium provides optimum clarity and fish viewing pleasure.

AquaOne exclusively manufactures the Aqua One AquaReef 290 Marine Set 290L aquarium cabinet from an alloy frame and plastics proven to have maximum resistance to salt and moisture damage, making them ideal for beginner and expert marine fish keepers. Further, the specially designed cabinet features removable panels and no back panel, offering excellent ventilation. This reduces heat and humidity build up, promoting optimal operation for your aquarium system.

Finally, the high-powered LED lighting is ideal for the growth of your fish and colours, as well as the enhancement of their colours.


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