Aqua One AquaStyle 510 75L Aquarium & Cabinet (Black)


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Aqua One AquaStyle 510 75L Aquarium caters more toward the intermediate aquarium owner, ideally someone looking to upgrade from their first aquarium. It also gives the intermediate owner more options on the species of fish you are able to keep and the size is ideal for larger quantities of fish. Further, the 510 allows you to set up a tank with a more varied collection of species, with the height allowing bottom feeding fish to live in harmony with mid and high range feeding fish. As with all of Aqua One’s stunning AquaStyle range, the 510 offers owners seamless viewing without distortion and an state of the art lighting system that lets you control how you light your aquarium, day and night. Finally, the 510 comes with its own matching stand and cabinet, allowing you to store your necessary aquarium equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Curved Glass Front
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Top filter with 2 cartridges fitted with filter wool to filter out the finer, solid particles, 2 sponge pads to complete the mechanical filtration process of the wet and dry filter, and ceramic noodles for biological filtration.
  • Convenient hinged hood allowing plenty of room for easy access and maintenance
  • 2-way single switch LED lighting technology
  • Moonlight function with “blue-only” option or “All Lights” RGB option

Matching Cabinet:

  • 52027GWH – AquaStyle 510 Cabinet 72cm H Gloss White – 51 x 34 x 72
  • 52027GBK – AquaStyle 510 Cabinet 72cm H Gloss Black – 51 x 34 x 72

Available in black and white:

  • 52026GBK – AquaStyle 510 75L Curved Glass Aquarium Gloss Black
  • 52026GWH  – AquaStyle 510 75L Curved Glass Aquarium Gloss White


Aqua One AquaStyle 510 75L Aquarium features stunning LED Lighting that promotes lush plant growth. It also intensifies the natural colours in your fish. The 2-way switch gives you greater control over the lighting environment of your aquarium. The Blue-Only – also known as Moonlight – setting allows you to create a soft, moonlit look that is ideal for night use.

Further, the easy to maintain top filter uses the Aqua One cartridge system that is simple and fool proof, allowing you to replace the cartridges and sponges as needed. The filter wool system helps filter out finer, solid particles. This promotes even water flow in order to ensure the filter is fully utilised.


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