Pond One – Koi Sticks – 180g


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Koi-Sticks Food

Pond One Koi Sticks is a quality food which offers a high nutrient diet for Koi Carp and other pond fish. Using only the best quality ingredients including fish and squid meal, Koi Sticks fish food promotes good balanced growth whilst enhancing the natural colours of your fish. It is packed with multi vitamins and minerals to assist developing the fish’s immune system and aiding resistance to disease.

The quality of the ingredients we have used for our Koi Sticks make it a highly digestible food reducing waste levels and helping to maintain good water quality.

Available in various sizes:

• Koi Sticks Food 180g (26560)
• Koi Sticks Food 370g (26561)
• Koi Sticks Food 750g (26562)
• Koi Sticks Food 1.6kg (26563)