Hikari Seaweed Extreme – 90g


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The Hikari Extreme wafers are aromatic and nutritious for your tropical fish.

Made from 67% natural seaweed, the food has a similar texture to wet Nori Algae. It has a natural, savoury taste that all fish will love. Packed with protein and fibre, the mix is a great supplemental diet for most omnivorous species.

Ideal for feeding all types of marine herbivores including clown-fish, damsels and butterflies. The pellets will sink to the bottom of the tank, so the mix is ideal for bottom feeders. 

The size of each pellet is mini, so in most cases will not need to be halved before feeding. 

Feeding Guide:
Feed two to three times daily, depending on your fish’s size and species. Avoid overfeeding and use smaller portions to begin with – it may be difficult to remove any excess food from the tank as the texture of the seaweed is a little soft.