Eheim StreamOn+ Circulating Pump – 2000


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With EHEIM streamON+ you have more flexibility than with any other streaming pumps.


Our new streamON+ streaming pumps are suitable for use in both marine and in fresh water aquariums. They are small, highly efficient and energy saving. You can position them vertically or horizontally and turn them up to 180°. This allows you to turn them in any direction (3D function).


There are two versions to choose from: The more convenient has a magnet bracket and is therefore easier to align against the glass. Also the outflow can be smoothly adjusted in small increments.


Benefits of the EHEIM streaming pumps streamON+


    • Compact streaming pumps for aquariums from 35 to 500 l.
    • Suitable for both marine and fresh water
    • Optimum water circulation with a natural, smooth current formation
    • Increase of oxygen content and creation of nature like living conditions
    • Vital for corals in marine water; beneficial for fish in fresh water
    • Flexible positioning – horizontal or vertical
    • Swivelable up to 180° (3D adjustable)
    • Fixing with magnet bracket for glass thickness 3 – 8 mm and 6 – 12 mm
    • Outflow adjustable in small increments
    • Extremely quiet and very low maintenance
    • High efficiency with low energy use
  • Utmost safety and reliability