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Regular playtime is an important activity for kittens and adult cats as it provides a stimulating environment which keeps your cat happy and healthy.

Play gives cats an outlet for their energy, mental and physical stimulation and the opportunity to satisfy their instinctual hunting drive and a chance to bond with you.

Pet One Cat Toys are designed for you to encourage these behaviours whilst providing a chance for you to bond with your kitty.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Plush Range
    Give your cat something else to sink their claws into! These scratch toys offer cats hours of fun and exercise while directing your cats attention away from your furniture.
  • Scratcher Range
    Manufactured from natural materials, these toys make a crinkling noise designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts and provide your pet with hours of fun. Your feline friend will go wild for the catnip inside each Raffia toy.
  • Raffia Range
    Rolling along the floor, this toy mimics the movement of scampering mice or other prey animals, which will entice your cat to chase and play. With catnip inside, your feline friend is guaranteed to love their new toy.
    Ball Range
  • Interactive Range
    These engaging toys are designed for two! Hours of fun for you and your cat to enjoy together.

Suitable for: Cats


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