Biotec Protect Coat CN – 120ml


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Protect Coat St/Cn/Acn
Fish & Tap Water Conditioner
Protects fish with Aloe Vera slime stress coat and
Water Aging St/CnAcn which neutralizes chlorine, ammonia and heavy metals.
Aloe Vera promotes healing and regeneration of fish tissue and forms a protective slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss. Apply when adding and handling fish, exchanging water, transporting fish, or when fish are injured or diseased undergoing multi cure treatment.
Protect Coat St/Cn/Acn look and flow like other brand Stress Coat at a more competitive price. All Biotec Water Ager is Aussie made today with some imported ingredients to reach the top water conditioner quality and multi functions benefits. Another great Biotec replacement product to all water ager/water conditioners that are imported.
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Comparison at 1/3/12
Stress coat Biotec Protect Coat St 1ml to 7L is similar to Stress Coat at 1/3/12, Protect Coat Cn, 1 ml to 40L, is five times stronger. Protect Coat St/Cn/Acn are much better value after taking strength and price into consideration.
Protect Coat without water aging action is also available to provide stress coat benefits only foish fish conditioning. Apply during and after fish medication when fish slime coat is depleted or during fish transport.