Siamese fighter care sheet

  1. Rinse tank and gravel thoroughly, with fresh water only.
  2. Place tank in an area of low light (any sunlight can cause algae growth). Also not on a window sill as this will be to cold of a night time for fighters in an unheated tank.
  3. Fill tank with cold water only, as hot water can cause copper poisoning.
  4. Install filtration. Ensure your filtration is suitable for your tank as fighters do not like a tank with much current.
  5. For fighters to be active you will require a heater. If you have opted for a heated tank, place heater in and set thermostat to 24 degrees. If you have opted for a cold tank, you must ensure that the tank doesn’t drop below 18 degrees.
  6. Add chlorine neutraliser (water ager), and conditioning salts following the directions on the packets.
  7. Add cycle, then place it in the refrigerator. This is then to be added weekly.
  8. Test pH. Fighters like slightly acidic water, so therefore a pH between 6,8 and 7 is ideal.
  9. Test General Hardness using the appropriate test kit, GH should be between 100ppm and 120ppm.
  10. Plant any live plants, making sure the original metal weights are replaced with plant anchors before putting in the tank. Plant fertiliser should be added also, following directions on bottle.
  11. Once pH and GH are correct and the tank is up to temperature you can then purchase your fighting fish.

Once acclimatised, add your fighter to your tank. Feeding him on mixture of frozen bloodworm, brine shrimp and betta pellets. Remember, you will only have healthy and active fish when correct water conditions are provided. HAPPY FISH KEEPING.