Exotic Fish

Every aquarium owner wants their set up to be unique. And this goes as much for the fish life they stock as the aquarium hardscape itself!

The Aquarium Factory has a wide range of unique and exotic fish species, perfect for your home or office aquarium. No matter your set up, we have the perfect fish available across marine, freshwater and tropical ranges.

Looking for the right, rarely seen fish for your aquascape? Explore our range today!

Cold-Water Fish

Though often overlooked in favour of tropical and marine varieties, cold-water exotic fish are just as beautiful and intriguing. Some of the most popular, cold-water fish include rare freshwater discus, Senegal, or Common Bichir, rare catfish and Saratoga, Medaka (rice fish) and fancy goldfish.

While often seen as a children’s pet, fancy goldfish are prized throughout the world – most particularly in China and Japan – with an array of stunning mutations. The Aquarium Factory stocks a range of fancy goldfish from Panda Butterfly Tails to Bubble Eyes.

Exotic Marine Fish

Marine fish are often the first port of call when people look for exotic fish. And the Aquarium Factory does not disappoint with our wide range of stunning marine fish. We have everything you need to create a unique reefscape, including the sought-after Achilles Tang, Blue Ribbon Eels, Black and White Clownfish, Batfish Pinnatus, Copperband Butterflyfish, Whitecheek Tang, Seahorses, Magnificent Rabbitfish, and more!

Tropical Fish

The Aquarium Factory’s range of exotic tropical fish is extensive. We stock some of the country’s most beautiful, exotic fish, perfect for your tank! These include Senegal Birchir, Leichardti Saratoga, Jardini Saratoga, Freshwater Sole, Boeseman’s Rainbowfish, and more!

When choosing exotic fish for your aquarium, remember that most of these species require specialised care, which is why they are rarely seen in aquariums. But if you are up for the challenge, and have experience with aquarium keeping, explore our range today!

exotic fish bob

Our beloved ‘Bob’ is much more exotic in real life! It’s amazing seeing the fantastic creatures the world has that we don’t always get to see.

If you are looking for an exotic fish or two to add to your home or office display, look no further. The Aquarium Factory has many different species available, as well as everything you could possibly need to keep your aquatic friends, happy and healthy.

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