Are you after a tank on its own or do you want the entire set up? The Aquarium Factory have it ALL!

The Aquarium Factory is your local aquarium shop and has a large showroom with a massive range of Aquariums Tanks. But with the knowledge of Aquariums and ability to produce any envision a customer has we have the ability to provide our customers with their dream Aquarium set up.

Not only do we build custom fish tanks for our clients but we also have a huge range of Cabinets, Tanks and Hoods both on display and in our store.

From Aqua One, Petworx, Red-Sea to Aqua Topia Tanks just to name a few! Come down and see our team at The Aquarium Factory we are competitive with our pricing!


Aqua One Tanks;

Aqua One 1

Aqua One 2

Aqua one 3










Petworx & Aqua Topia Tanks;

Aqua Topia 1

Aqua Topia 2









Red Sea Tanks (The Aquarium Factory is a Red Sea Dealer so come and see us for any Red Sea products!);


Red sea 1

Red sea 2