Aquarium Accessories

The Aquarium Factory has a HUGE range of Aquarium Accessories.

Aquarium Food, Frozen Food, Pumps, Heaters, Filters anything you need for your tank can be found at The Aquarium Factory. We are a one stop shop for all aquarium accessories for tanks of all sizes.

We stock Aquarium Food for all species of Fish and Turtles in brands from Aqua One, Hikari, Ocean Nutrition and Tropical. Or do your fish prefer frozen food? We have a HUGE freezer full of frozen food.

Going away for a holiday? The Aquarium Factory have you covered, from Auto-Feeders, Weekend Feeders, Holiday Blocks to Auto-top up units.

an amazing assortment of aquarium ornaments

We specialize in lighting and filtration for all Aquarium needs. With all the latest brands in stock such as Aqua One, Eheim, Aquatopia, Red Sea and even more. Want to bring out the color of your fish? Want your plants to grow? The come and visit us at The Aquarium Factory our friendly team will be more then happy to assist you with the best lighting for your tank! No tank is too big or too small we have lights to suit every tank.

We also stock Air Pumps, Air Fittings, Air Stones, Water Maintenance products, Gravel and Sands to Live Rock for Marine enthusiasts. We also have a massive range of Aquarium ornaments throughout the store.

Being such a large Aquarium Retail outlet we stock over 30 brands of Aquarium and Pond Accessories.

Pond & feature