Reptile One 10.0 UVB – 18″


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UVB 10.0 Fluorescent Light Tubes

Features & Benefits:

  • Reproduces UVA and UVB spectra found in sunlight
  • Assists in natural production of Vitamin D3
  • Promotes feeding, breeding and healthy growth rates
  • Designed for use 300 – 350mm from basking point
  • Suitable for sun-loving, desert species and tortoises
  • Available in 15W, 18W, 30W & 36W

Suitable for: Reptiles

 UVB 10.0 
Item Code.  Description
 46577Tube UVB 10.0 Reptile 15w 18in T8
 46580Tube UVB 10.0 Reptile 18w 24in T8
 46583Tube UVB 10.0 Reptile 30w 36in T8
 46586Tube UVB 10.0 Reptile 36w 48in T8