Red Sea Max S Series 400 Litre


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Introducing the Max-S Series – Red Sea’s Flagship Reef System

The Red Sea Max S Series 400 Litres includes the latest in reef keeping technology. The performance criteria of the Max REEF-SPEC is the result of Red Sea’s 25 years of research into the sustainable growth of corals in an artificial environment, including incredibly delicate SPS corals. Own your very own thriving piece of reef has never been easier than now!


  • System water volume (combined aquarium and sump) – 400L/110 gal
  • Aquarium volume (display tank with rear circulation pump chamber) – 350L/97 gal
  • Filtration sump volume (glass sump with preparation for auxiliary reactors or refugium) – 50 L/13 gal
  • Aquarium glass thickness (ultra clear front and side panels) – 12mm/ 1/2″
  • Lighting system Hydra 26 HD 90W – 2 unit
  • Full spectrum lighting with nominal total output – 180W
  • Cabinet:
    • frame – Marine spec anodised aluminium profile
    • external – Weatherproof Polyurethane painted MDF doors & panels
    • internal – Waterproof sump compartment, dedicated chiller compartment
  • Total circulation l/h (gph) (Sump return + hidden individual 2,150 l/h (570 gph) circulation pumps) – 7800
  • Main system pump l/h (gph) (Sump return + feed to skimmer / chiller / reactors) – 7000


  • Surface skimmer (Built in surface skimmer on full width of aquarium)
  • Lighting system Hydra 26 HD 90W
  • Standard configuration lighting
  • WiFi Lighting control compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC
  • Protein skimmer – C-Skim 1800 (800 l/h (210 gph) air flow – 1800 l/h (480 gph) water flow (PSK aspirator))
  • Integrated power centre – 10 individually switched sockets for pumps and accessories
  • Chemical filtration – 600g (20 oz.) high grade phosphate-free activated carbon
  • Integrated water top up system (Easy-access storage tank with in-sump float valve) – 22 L/6 gal
  • Mechanical filtration (Micron filter) – 2
  • Display tank (MAX® S Including Colour Trim) – L 104 cm x W 70cm x H 156cm


Available in pearl white or black, the cabinetwork of the Red Sea Max S Series 400 Litre is connected to a marine-spec metal frame. This also includes a replaceable trim on the light and aquarium that adds life and flexibility to your set up. As a result, this can be replaced at any time, allowing for the renovation of the functioning aquarium. Finally, all external surfaces have a weather resistant polymer paint, like those used in the automotive industry.

Advanced LED Lighting System with Integrated WiFi

Incorporating the all new Hydra 26 HD LED Lighting system, the Red Sea Max S Series 400 Litre provides the most up to date LED technology to offer excellent performance and a user-friendly interface. It offers 7 colour, full spectrum LED configuration giving great colour rendition in addition as a multitude of lighting effects. lighting is manageable through in-built WiFi, compatible with iOS and Android, as well as any WiFi-enabled Mac or PC.

With only 90w power consumption means excellent performance at a fraction of the running price of traditional fluorescent lighting. Finally, the Red Sea’s distinctive lighting fixture is mounted on a chassis that can slide the width of the tank, providing quick access for all maintenance tasks.

MAX S-Series Reef Filtration

The Red Sea Max S Series 400 Litre reef filtration begins with a surface skimmer. This then feeds the water to the discrete in-cabinet sump through a flow regulated silent flow downpipe. Filtered water is then returned to the aquarium via the main system pump that also provides water to all filtration systems including the protein skimmer, as well as optional chillers or reactors you may wish to put in.

MAX S-Series Integrated Power Centre

As with all Red Sea aquariums, the Red Sea Max S Series 400 Litre filtration system uses the one-plug max concept and features a power management centre. As a result, it permits quick access to 10 individual switched power sockets for all pumps and accessories. Integrated circuit breakers protect you during maintenance and from any water leaks.


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