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Looking for something special for your tank? Want that unusual fish that catches the eye and starts a conversation? Looking for a new challenge for your aquarium?

The Aquarium Factory stocks many rare and unusual fish in store. Our stock varies greatly, which means you will always find something new and spectacular in our massive display tanks. From rare marine fish to unusual freshwater fish, to tropical and fancy goldfish, you will find the perfect new addition to your tank. We also have everything from L Number Catfish to Rare Cichlids to the ever popular Betta, we have the perfect fish to delight you, your existing fish, and your guests.


Rare fish are species that are uncommon or more exotic than those usually found in home and corporate aquariums. These unusual fish have become much more popular in recent years as the aquarium hobby has grown in popularity. Our team love these exotic fish and we’re always eager to chat to you about the species we have on offer. These species are also rarely seen in aquariums, which means they deliver a very cool and attractive look to your new or existing tank. They will definitely start a conversation!

The Aquarium Factory also stocks a massive range of amazing, rare freshwater tropical fish. We stock many species others stores simply don’t stock, as well as all the basic, well known freshwater fish. Our stock updates frequently, so we’ll always have something to suit your new or existing tank! We also stock a wide range of lighting options for your fish tank.

Special Orders

Seasoned fish hobbyists know that some species are only available a few times a year. That’s why they keep a close eye on our stock. We are the first place hobbyists go to find those rare and hard-to-find species.

Looking for something special? The Aquarium Factory is able to discuss your fish needs with you and special order the perfect fish for your aquarium. Come in store or contact us today for further information on our exotic fish and special order offers.