Pisces Breeding Box BB-11


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Pisces 3L breeding box are suitable for most livebearers, shrimp or isolating a sick or injured fish.

Easy to use and setup
Suitable for most livebearers
Clear compact design
Suitable for use in saltwater or freshwater aquariums

16cm (l), 14cm (w), 13cm (h). Breeding Box holds approximately 3L of aquarium water when full.

Assemble using directions on the box and place in your aquarium against the glass using the screw to adjust the breeding box to make level. Ensure the water level is just below the top of the unit.

Use an air pump to produce bubbles that draw aquarium water up into the breeding box. It will then over flow through the mesh guard back into the main aquarium, giving the fish/shrimp inside the breeding box fresh clean/warm water continuously. *Air Pump and tubing sold separately.


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