NYOS Quantum Protein Skimmer – 120


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The NYOS® Quantum®

  • Extreme performance
  • Very smooth operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to maintain


These are the innovative features of the NYOS® Quantum® skimmer:

1. The new NYOS® Hybrid Wheel
2. NYOS® Clear-View Reactor
3. The NYOS® Twister
4. Combination of form and function: the Sinus design
5. Precision and details
6. Optimised, variable setting options
7. Compact construction yet can be dismantled completely


NYOS® Quantum® – Built to perform

Extreme performance. Very smooth operation. Low power consumption. Easy to maintain.

NYOS® Quantum®: The impressive outcome

Four things are characteristic for the NYOS® Quantum® skimmer:

First: Extreme performance

Performance, performance and once again performance. NYOS® Quantum® is characterised by high skimming performance as a result of the large amount of air in combination with and optimum air-water mixture.

Second: Very smooth operation

Aquariums should be seen and not heard. That is NYOS® Quantum® is especially silent when running and therefore can hardly be heard.

Third: Low power consumption

NYOS® Quantum® is conceived to be especially energy efficient and uses a minimum of power, despite its huge performance.

Fourth: Easy to maintain

Consistently strong skimming and simple settings are a joy. For this reason, NYOS® Quantum® is especially easy to maintain and provides the same consistent level of performance over a long period of time. Reliable pump starts are a matter of course.

Available in multiple sizes refer below;

  • NYOS 120
Pump: Quantum® 1.0
Air max.: 500 l/h
Power: 8 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 15 x 21 x 46.5 cm
Tank Size: 100-500 Liter
– NYOS 160
Pump: Quantum® 3.0
Air max.: 1500 l/h
Power: 18 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.5 x 25 x 53 cm
Tank Size: 250-1.000 litres
– NYOS220
Pump: Quantum® 5.0
Air max.: 2200 l/h
Power: 22 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 31 x 23.5 x 60.5 cm
Tank Size: 500-2.000 litres
– NYOS 330
Pump: 2x Quantum® 5.0
Air max.: 2x 2200 l/h (550 gal/h)
Power: 2x 22 W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 33.5 x 41 x 65 cm (13,4×16.4×26“ )
Tank Size: 1000-4000 Liter (250-1000 gal)