Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner Block 15g


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Nutrafin Turtle Conditioner Block 15g

Nutrafin basix Turtle Conditioner helps keep water from going acidic while the calcium that is released as the block dissolves aids in preventing soft shell.


  • Prevents Soft Shell
  • Helps harden turtle shell
  • Helps keep water from becoming acidic
  • Neutralises acids released by the turtle and conditions the water

Calcium sulphate (24%), magnesium sulphate, sodium chloride, thiamine hydrochloride.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Calcium: 240,000 mg/kg
  • Magnesium: 739.5 mg/kg
  • Sodium / Natrium: 590.25 mg/kg
  • Thiamine / Thiamin / Thiamine: 2100 mg/kg