Innovative Marine Gadget Accudrip Acclimator


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The AccuDrip is the smart investment for relocating new livestock from point A to point B with minimal complications. Its’ patent pending self-priming syphon bulb is the sanitary choice to keep aquarium water off your hands and away from your mouth while displaying a constant visible drip count at eye level.

The AccuDrip utilizes a rigid tube that hangs virtually on any aquarium which flows water through a transparent self-priming syphon bulb that doubles as a visual drip counter and is controlled with a precision thumb wheel rolling clamp. Only requires one gentle squeeze to create a syphon guaranteed every time.

Drip rate guideline

  • 1-2 drips per second – for snails, shrimps, crabs, starfish, anemones
  • 2-3 drips per second – for wrasses, puffers, anthias, gobis, butterflies
  • 2-4 drips per second – for majority of other fish such as angels, tangs, corals