Blue Diamond Discus – Medium


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Blue Diamond Discus are colorful, graceful and charismatic tank inhabitants.

Blue Diamond Discus are considered to require a high level of care than other fish. It is recommended that they are homed in 3ft+ aquarium with stable and clean water. For this reason alone they are not considered a beginners aquarist. Discus can be housed with many other fish so long as these fish require the same water conditions. It is not recommended that you house discus with other aggressive fish such as cichlids etc.

The most recommended mates for Discus are tetra’s such as neon tetras, cardinal tetras, ember tetras, harlequin tetras and rummynose tetras. Tetras also compliment discus due to the contrast in size and their schooling nature.


The optimal temperature for Discus is 28°C-31°C. Note that the higher the temperature the lower dissolved oxygen which limits the number of fish housed within the aquarium. When choosing other fish ensure they suit this temperature proximity.


Both male and female discus can grow to around 6.5″ (16.5cm)

pH & Hardness;

The optimal pH for discus is between 6 & 7. If your pH is out of these parameters it may begin to cause stress. Tank bred Discus species have been known to thrive in pH as high as 7.8 as long as there is little to no fluctuation.

Relative water hardness should be 10-15GH. This will replicate soft conditions similar to the amazon. However for breeding purposes the optimal hardness is 1-4.

Nitrite & Nitrate;

Discus are highly susceptible to even very low levels of nitrite – so the ideal nitrite level is 0ppm. Nitrates should be as close to 0ppm as possible.


Discus are sensitive to any ammonia levels. There will be noticeable loss of color and heavy breathing is ammonia is present. The ideal ammonia level is 0ppm.

Water changes >50%;

Discus aquariums should get at least a 50% water change each week to reduce nitrates and replenish minerals. Discus are messy feeders and big contributors to nitrates within the aquarium.



The Aquarium Factory;

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