Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets – 100tabs


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Blue Planet Fluke Tablets

Blue Planet aquatic products are user-friendly and affordable, and are great for all fish owners – beginners and experienced fish owners alike! Blue Planet supplies help make it easy to sustain and enrich the life and habitat of your fish.

Flukes are small parasites that can cause extensive loss of aquarium fish if left untreated. Flukes are a common parasite in fish and include gill flukes, skin or fish flukes. Tapeworms are also common in imported or wild-caught fish, and live in the intestines of fish. Blue Planet Fluke tablets contain praziquantel, an effective compound for the treatment of flukes and tapeworm in freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish. The tablets release the formula quickly within 10 minutes.

  • Parasite treatment for flukes and tapeworm
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Active constituents praziquantel
  • Tablets dissolve rapidly, releasing 95% of active ingredient in 10 minutes.

Directions for use: Remove activated carbon from filtration system. Pre-dissolve tablets in a separate disposable container with aquarium water prior to adding to the tank. Administer 1 tablet per 20L water, and keep water temperature below 27 degrees C. After 48 hours, change 25% of the water and clean filter media. Repeat dose after 7 days to prevent recurrence. Do not use in fish intended for human consumption. Use with caution when treating aquariums containing snails and catfish.