Biotec Amtrite Down – 250ml


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Biotec Amtrite-Down contains 4-in-1 microbial products including two groups of cold- and warm-water ammonia-eating nitrifying microbes, probiotic slime-coat fish and waste-degrading microbes. 
Control toxic-to-fish ammonia.

The four groups of microbes are: 
1) Common nitrifying species: Nitrosomonas and nitrobacter which convert toxic ammonia and nitrite to nitrate. Prefers pH above 7 
2) Special hardy Bacillus species, unique to Biotec bio specialist manufacturer in USA. They convert ammonia and nitrite to slime. The microbes perform below and above pH 7 and they are more active in warmer water. 
3) Probiotic slime-coating species 
4) Waste-dissolving Biosuper microbes which clears tanks, competes with fish disease-causing bacteria and cleans the air.

Other Benefits 
O Avoid ammonia spikes, common cause of fish death 
O Avoid new tank syndrome which cause fish mortality 
O Protect fish with natural slime coat, produced by probiotic species 
O Fine organic particles in the solution for microbes attachment 
Higher microbe count and fresher than most liquid nitrifying microbial products. Amtrite-Down is stored in cold 8 deg C at Biotec premise. 
O Higher microbe count than other liquid nitrifying microbial products

Compares very well many other liquid microbial products

For Freshwater or Saltwater

Dose: 1 ml treats 10L for tanks or ponds every 7 – 14 days. 
Higher dose when tank chemicals are used and in new tanks setup.