Aqua One ReefSys Marine Tank – 180


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Aqua One ReefSys is a range of open top marine aquariums, providing a customisable system, giving you ultimate control to establish and grow your personalised underwater oasis. Constructed using high quality low iron opti-clear glass and a sleek modern cabinet, the Aqua One ReefSys will be the showcase of any home.

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality low iron opti-clear glass ensures optimum clarity and true colour viewing
  • Modular sump design provides flexibility to customise the system with your choice of equipment
  • Includes two adjustable baffles, one being movable
  • Includes low splash sock silencers
  • Overflow lid reduces algae growth inside the overflow box and prevents fish from entering the plumbing area
  • Back up emergency drain will prevent the tank from overflowing
  • Designed to handle high flow rates
  • Rimless and open top setup for easy access
  • Quiet plumbing
  • Sleek gloss black or white cabinet keeps equipment out of sight
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Specifications: Available in 2 cabinet colours

  • 53446BK-S – ReefSys Marine Tank 180L Black
  • 53446WH-S – ReefSys Marine Tank 180L White

Spare Parts:

  • 53443-FS – ReefSys Filter Sock

Additional Info

    • Type:Marine
    • Size:60L X 55D X 53CM H
    • Vol. (L):180L
    • Colour:Black, White
    • Length (Cm):60
    • Incl. Filter:Yes
    • Incl. Heater:No
    • Incl. Light:No
    • Matching Stand or Cabinet:Yes


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