Aqua One AquaFlora 36 36L Planted Aquarium



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Aqua One AquaFlora 36 36L Planted Aquarium kits are fantastic for beginners. Aqua One offers a fantastic tank for growing and maintaining aquatic plants as well as your favourite tropical fish and shrimp species. Further, the Aqua One AquaFlora 36 36L Planted Aquarium includes components to optimise the lighting, heating and nutrient levels for plant growth.


  • 55W Glass Heater
  • 25W Substrate Heating Cable
  • 150ml Liquid Plant Food
  • 150ml Iron Supplement
  • PlantGlo LED Light
  • 95g CO2 Kit



  • Dimension: 50cmW x 30cmD x 26cmH
  • Volume: 36L
  • Lighting: 18W LED
  • Flow Rate: 150L/hr
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Power: 55W
  • 25001C – Flora Carbon Cartridge 36/42
  • 25102C – Flora Ceramic Cartridge 36/42
  • 25116S – Flora Sponge 36/42
  • 25102I – Flora Impeller 36/4


Thermosub Substrate Heating Cable:

The Aqua One AquaFlora 36 36L Planted Aquarium has been designed to help with the bio-degradation of organic matter. This results in a temperature increase in the substrate. As a result, your aquatic plants benefit from an increased metabolism which allows a greater uptake of nutrients and faster growth. The Aqua One uses the patented Thermosub Substrate Heating Cable to replicate the natural substrate heating cycle.

Glass Heater:

Further, the Aqua One Glass Heater helps keep the water and substrate temperatures at the optimum levels for sustainable plant growth and fish health.

CO2 Kit:

As carbon dioxide is an integral part of healthy plant growth, the Aqua One kit provides a 95g cylinder with tank bracket, 3 in 1 bubble counter, diffuser, check valve and a permanent CO2 test kit.

Further, carbon dioxide can help reduce water alkalinity, which can improve the health and life span of your fish. By lowering the pH, this can help create an optimal environment for both plants and tropical fish.

Further Features:

The Aqua One features a stunning white glass front and side panels for superior clarity. Enjoy stunning views of your gorgeous aquascaping at all times with iconic Aqua One design and style.

The kit also includes iron supplements and plant food, integral to promoting healthy plant growth. This helps improve your aquarium environment where water is usually devoid of the required minerals for thriving aquatic plants.

Finally, the Plant Glo LED lighting unit provides a stunning spectrum that enhances plant growth while highlighting the colours of your tropical fish. This energy efficient lighting solution is easily accessible from the top of the tank and is concealed by a visually appealing black background.


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