Aquarium Plants

Aquascaping & Planted Aquariums – The Aquarium Factory has you covered.

“Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants as well as rocks, stones, cave-work, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium – in effect gardening under water.”

The Aquarium Factory stocks hundreds of different aquarium plants perfect for your aquascaping needs. CO2 Kits, Rocks, Stones, Cave-work, Driftwood’s (Malaysian, Mopani, Ghostwood and more), Iron Sand, Plant Growth chemicals, Plant Trimming Kits, Lily Pipes, Substrate Additives, Plant Weights, Plant Lighting, Substrate Heaters, Additives & Fertilizers.


The Aquarium Factory stocks plants for all kinds of aquariums whether you have a Cold Water or Tropical.  We even have Corals for Marine Aquariums. We also stock a large range of all different shapes, sizes and colors of assorted plastic plants.

We have over 50 different plants for your cold water setup.

We have many different plants for your tropical set up from Driftwood Plants, Mosses to Grasses.

plant tank


The Aquarium Factory also stocks Corals for all the Marine enthusiasts. From Sea Anemones, Soft Corals, Hard Corals to Clams.

Coral tnakcorals