Fish Food

The Aquarium Factory has a wide range of fish food for all your aquatic creatures. From goldfish to marine fish needs to frozen and dry options, we have the right choice for your aquarium and precious fish.

API Fish Food

Fish Food

API brand food provides a nutritional diet that delivers a healthier aquatic environment for fish. It also helps provide a cleaner, clearer water over time. As a result, their food contains a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients for optimal digestion.

Aqua One Food

Fish Food

Aqua One brand uses the highest quality ingredients and is sold at a very reasonable price to make looking after your fish more affordable.

Frozen Food


We also stock a large range of frozen foods specially formulated to provide a convenient, well rounded and balanced diet for your aquatic ceatures.

Goldfish Food

The Aquarium Factory stocks a comprehensive range of goldfish food. High-quality brands, high in vitamins and minerals will help fish to thrive, maintain colours and promote good health.

Hikari Food


Hikari use only the highest grade ingredients in their food. Some of their formulas also include colour enhancers to help bring out colouring. Perfect for display fish.

Marine Fish Food

Fish Food

We stock brands containing natural pigments, minerals and nutrients which will maximize the colour and lustre of your marine fish.

Ocean Nutrition Food

Fish Food

Ocean Nutrition specialise in the manufacturing of premium fish feeds for marine and fresh water tropical fish. As a result, their mission is to create the freshest, highest quality fish feeds, mimicking the natural diet of marine and fresh water tropical fish.

Prodac Food

Fish Food

Scientifically developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of all tropical and cold-water fish. These high protein, low waste formulas are made in Italy.

Tropical Fish Food

Fish Food

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, the tropical fish feeds we stock are high in vitamins and minerals. These foods also encourage fish to thrive and help maintain natural colours.

Not sure what kind of fish food to use? Contact the team at The Aquarium Factory today for further advice about the right type of food for your fish.

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Purchase Quality Fish Food

The Aquarium Factory offers a wide selection of fish food. There are many options for fish food, including different textures and catering to every kind of fish. You will find the right product for your tank.

All types of Aquatic food

Which fish food is best? There are many options for marine life nutition, including flakes, wafers and crumbles as well as feeders, granules or pellets. There are many options for floating, sinking and algae-supplemented fish food. For those who are away on vacation, you can purchase vacation feeders that slow-release slow-release foods to feed your fish. There are many aquatic food brands available mentioned above.

All species of fish

The Aquarium Factory offers a wide range of aquarium food options, including goldfish, Koi fish and Cichlids.
Be aware of the feeding requirements of each species of fish. Your fish might be herbivores or carnivores. It is crucial to ensure that each species receives the right diet.
Always ensure that your fish are awake before you feed them. Also, ensure the lights are on at least 30 minutes before and after each feeding. Although it is best to feed your fish every day, this will vary depending on the species. For feeding amounts, it is a good rule to give active fish what they can eat in 2 minutes. This frequency should be two to three times daily.

It is important to provide a varied diet for your fish in order to ensure that they receive a balanced, complete diet. Ideal is a mixture of live larvae and dry food, or plants, if your fish are herbivorous.