Fish & Fish Health

The Aquarium Factory receives weekly shipments of fish from all over the world. From Tropical, Cold Water, Natives, Axolotyls, Marine Fish (Saltwater Fish), Lake Malawi Cichlids, Lake Tanganyika Cichlids, Cichlids, Discus, Forrest Discus from Malaysia, a large variety of Catfish to Fancy/Ornamental Goldfish. After Show Fish? we can help you just come and speak to our team!

We also stock various species of turtles from Eastern Long Neck Turtles, Murray River Short Neck Turtles to Maclaey River Turtles.

With such a large variety of species of fish come down to The Aquarium Factory you will not be disappointed.


Caring for fish

The Aquarium Factory cares about the health of your fish and turtles!

If you have a sick fish OR turtle come and see us!

Our staff have attended numerous training courses about maintaining prime health in fish and identifying problems in sick fish.

We have the ability to identify the exact host disease without harming your fish. Equipped with medication to suit various diseases that may affect the overall health of your fish in your aquarium we can prescribe the right medicine without using guesswork. This is a less costly treatment for you in comparison to an expensive Vet bill.

If your fish or turtle is sick don’t hesitate to bring down your sick fish or turtle and we will try and diagnose the disease on the spot. We truly care about your animals so come and see us if you have a problem.

The Aquarium Factory has been known for homing turtles to get their health back to optimal.

“The Aquarium Factory homed my turtle for a week, she had a calcium deficiency and when I picked her up she was back to her usual self! The Aquarium Factory saved my short neck turtle!” – Denise Lee

“My Oscar who I have had for over 5 years had a bacterial infection, The Aquarium Factory diagnosed my Oscar and guided me through medicating my tank. My Oscar was back to normal after less then 4 days!” – George Kalipsos

Below is an example of the treatment of Melafix (just one of our many different medications stocked at The Aquarium Factory).


fish disease


General Care & Maintenance – Be aware of new tank syndrome, we always recommend when buying a new tank from    Test Kit

The Aquarium Factory that you come to us with weekly water samples for testing (this is free of charge) for as long as

necessary until your tank is established. (We have all the water test kits in store so if you want to maintain a water test kit

log book The Aquarium Factory can HELP!)

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